You’ve Had Acupuncture, Now What?

Five Easy Things To (not) Do Post Acupuncture Session

As a general rule – we don’t give patients a lot of home care or advice in between sessions. This is because we feel we live in a society that is doing too much, all of the time. We would rather you rest than add another thing to your to-do list.

Often patients come in during a busy day with a list of things to accomplish after their session, only to find they are totally zoned out (thanks to the release of oxytocin) and ready for bed after having acupuncture. Your nervous system has entered into a parasympathetic state during acupuncture (where the healing magic happens) so we want to take full advantage of our time spent here. My top suggestions for folks getting off the table are:

1. If you’re feeling tired post acupuncture, listen to your body. Take a nap, or rest for the remainder of the day. Cancel the gym, the coffee date, the extra work you had planned on doing from home.

2. Keep it going for the week- Whatever you have planned for the next week, cut it in half and be okay with that. We can always do less! This freaks a lot of (busy) people out but I promise everything will be okay. Doing less just takes practice.

3. Spend time in nature. Nature helps to further co-regulate an overactive nervous system and even reduces cortisol (stress hormone), and inflammation in the body.

4. Drink water to help your body flush toxins and rehydrate tissues. No fancy supplements or meditations needed.

5. Come back soon-ish, acupuncture works best with repetition. It can take time to unwind holding patterns of stress, pain and chronic illness in the nervous system. Especially during initial and acute treatment, the body needs extra reminders to form new neurological pathways around feeling better.