Age Better with Acupuncture

It’s not news, Victoria, B.C. is home to the newly wed and nearly dead. If you’re on the later end of that spectrum, acupuncture can help you continue cycling the Galloping Goose or running along Dallas Road.

Research has shown that physical and mental fitness go hand in hand. Observations showed that physically fit older adults have brain activation patterns similar to younger adults. This pattern shows as quicker reaction and more accurate function than less fit older adults. The researchers suggest links between the left and right brain as influential. To apply these findings, work with an acupuncturist that knows how to assess and affect tension related to the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

In addition to better links in the brain, acupuncture works on connections throughout the body. Acupuncture can help resolve acute or chronic injuries that may hold us back from being physically active. The gentle manipulation of fascial adhesions and trigger points that you may not even be aware of can make your workouts more efficient and effective. And sooner than later, you just might check that hike/bike/swim/paddle/run adventure off your bucket list.

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