Acupuncture that Doesn’t Hurt, and is Affordable

     If you choose to live in Victoria it’s often because of a decision on quality of life. And so now that you’re here there’s the challenge of balancing better health and our financial health. Fortunately Premium Assistance is one such program offered to BC residents that not only reduces monthly premiums, but also partially subsidizes acupuncture sessions.If your annual net income is less than $42,000, $23 of each acupuncture treatment may be covered by the BC Health care system.
     Therefore monthly acupuncture tune-ups can cost as little as $25 a month. If you need a little more care bump that up to $50 a month. For the same price as a night out, a monthly self-care session can help change those chronic aches. Contact me to find out if you are eligible, or read the details on this BC Health page.