Acupuncture helps! Victoria BC Testimonials.

Acupuncture works wonders for most poeple! Here’s what others in Victoria BC have said:

Having been misdiagnosed by several medical professionals for multiple bowel issues I made a personal choice to explore other forms of health care and therapy. Katrina was referred by one of the top alternative health care professionals. Within the first few sessions I was physically feeling better, there was a complete shift of energy within me.  I have been experiencing less pain as well as improved sleep patterns, which has also allowed my body to continue to heal. Katrina is not only extremely knowledgeable and inquisitive but very intuitive with her personal approach. – S.S., ~ 40 years old


When I started my first session with Kat I was nervous and I had a headache. I was reassured it would be fine and not painful. Her calm personality and warm sunlight streaming though the window made this experience very relaxing. After my sessions I always felt content and lighter. We worked on where these headaches were coming from (neck issues and hormonal). With our ongoing sessions they became better and better. The one unexpected result that came to me was acupuncture was allowing my body to get out of the habit of a headache. – P.M., ~ 50 years old


I was really surprised by how relaxing acupuncture is.  I was so nervous about getting it done, as I am squeamish about needles, but Kat made the experience stress free and very relaxing!  I was even more surprised by how effective it is.  I didn’t expect to get such quick and effective results.  After trying everything I could think of to alleviate my back pain over the past ten years, I had finally given up and learned to live with it.  After four sessions with Kat I am pain free.  There was virtually no pain with acupuncture and only a sense of healing afterwards. It was the most relaxing healing experience I have ever had. – A.D., ~ 30 years old