Resilience is Fertile: This is Your Liver on Acupuncture

We all want better habits, more flexibility, and perhaps broader perspectives. As it turns out, our bodies innately do this. Though sometimes it can be a struggle. Fortunately acupuncture can help us keep calm, and help our liver carry on. Our Inner Resiliency The liver is part of over 500 functions all over our bodies. […]

To Heal Better (from Injuries) and Stay Healthier (Post Surgery), Look Back (Part one)

In Victoria, BC, where people are relying on walk-in clinics, often with a one-concern-per-visit policy, acupuncture offers a different take on recovering from injuries and surgeries. Because while it may seem like that sore back or strained knee just came out of nowhere, your temple wasn’t built in a day. A Registered Acupuncturist will gather […]

Acupuncture that Doesn’t Hurt, and is Affordable

     If you choose to live in Victoria it’s often because of a decision on quality of life. And so now that you’re here there’s the challenge of balancing better health and our financial health. Fortunately Premium Assistance is one such program offered to BC residents that not only reduces monthly premiums, but also partially subsidizes acupuncture sessions.If your […]

Age Better with Acupuncture

It’s not news, Victoria, B.C. is home to the newly wed and nearly dead. If you’re on the later end of that spectrum, acupuncture can help you continue cycling the Galloping Goose or running along Dallas Road. Research has shown that physical and mental fitness go hand in hand. Observations showed that physically fit older […]

Autoimmune disorders and acupuncture, part two

Acupuncture and Walls Connections are everywhere, which makes boundaries even more significant. For autoimmune disorders such as celiac and Type 1 diabetes this means the small intestine wall. The purpose of the intestinal wall is to distinguish between what should be absorbed and what should be excreted. To do this well also requires adapting. These […]

A social justice mural by Victoria High School artists.

Autoimmune disorders and acupuncture, part one

It affects more women than men. Some professionals act on it but the problem persists. On an individual scale this refers to autoimmune disorders. Autoimmune disorders happen when one’s immune system hurts the ones it’s closest to (much more than the poke of an acupuncture needle). It’s often undiagnosed. And sometimes test results are inconclusive. […]

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