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Acupuncture in Action, for Back Pain: A Case For Adaptation & Pain

If you wonder what a Kiiko Matsumoto japanese-style acupuncture treatment given by Carmelle LeMaistre can be like, read on. Alix Jean also shares her insights, and a photo from Kat Ao because, hey that’s what collectives do. Introduction: The problem to solve is not the pain itself. CL: I recently gave an acupuncture treatment to […]

Thoughts on Deepening our Relational Capacities in the Midst of Social Movements

To engage in social movements, activism or frontline work is to engage directly with the injustices of this world. To witness, participate, and to support each other during these painful times is a heroic act of nervous system disregulation. What we sacrifice and endure to be a part of justice moments needs to be held […]

We Need Our Planet

Acupuncture in Action with Kat: Conflicts Inside and Out

A peek into an acupuncture treatment with Kat Ao. Yesterday a young man booked his first acupuncture session, looking for relief for an aching upper back muscle. Over half way into the treatment, he mentions the point I just used, the eighth in the session, is the first that’s actually felt like a needle (the […]

6 Reasons To Get Acupuncture After Surgery (Even if it was a long time ago)

1. Speed up healing time – Acupuncture focuses on optimizing your nervous system’s autonomic responses to stress. When the nervous system is in balance, we can reduce systemic inflammation and ensure your immune responses are switched on and targeting the correct tissues. Treating local areas affected by surgery – usually with heat rather than needles […]

You’ve Had Acupuncture, Now What?

Five Easy Things To (not) Do Post Acupuncture Session As a general rule – we don’t give patients a lot of home care or advice in between sessions. This is because we feel we live in a society that is doing too much, all of the time. We would rather you rest than add another thing […]

General Nutrition Advice for the Changing Seasons

Traditional medicine practices, from which acupuncture was formed, comprises not only needle work but lifestyle, herbs and diet. As such it is important, when considering wholistic wellness, to take some nutritional precautions along with your prescribed acupuncture protocol. Below are the basic principals as a general guideline. If you wish to have a tailored nutritional […]

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